Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Highlights

Yesterday it was a busy day online. With the election brewing and a lot on the line everyone had a platform. I went out before 9 am, after my kickboxing class to Barack the Vote. As a matter of fact I knew where to go. Signs kept saying Vote Aqui. Aqui, who was this man? Was he a Latino? I had never seen him before but his campiagn was aggressive. What did he stand for? Just kidding, vote aqui means vote here.

Now that being said there were some strong opinions yesterday online. While some say that if Romney won they would riot, there were others who took to the twitter. One such soul was brittd1178. On twitter her quote was "Everybody get out and vote so we can get this n***** out of office." After people ripped her a new one as well as numerous death threats the tweet was removed by the twat and then she took down her facebook page and then apologized because I'm sorry means you can erase your hate today and be a blantant bigot tomorrow. I don't know what was worse, the fact she wrote it or the fact it was favored by 219 people. Either way, this woman looks like the best customer Chick-fil-a has ever seen.

Another nutjob was Victoria Jackson. Why do they ever let what woman talk? She was an SNL star with a marginal act who played a uke. Her movies were forgettable, and now she is a ill-informed political activist. At least the Victoria Jackson from yesteryear was hot and it wasnt so bad to accidentally see her panties. Now she has tripled in size, probably because she is eating too many cookies with her Earl Grey during those Tea Parties. She should have stuck with gymnastics and pointless comedy, her waistline would have looked better and not to mention she wouldn't be so annoying. I want to know why she isn't the woman we all used to barely tolerate with the marginal talent. Then I remember she sat on her instrument and broke it. Victoria Jackson is the Antia Bryant of our time. Wait, Anita Bryant was good looking. But because it is double brownie day I have included two fat pics of the fat bitch I fought with all last night on twitter.

Well then there were some winners in this mix. There was Tammy Baldwin, who will be the first openly gay US senator from Wisconsin. Tammy seemed like a nice lady and a gracious winner. While I am straight identified, I don't believe anyone should be treated like a second class citizen in a country where they work and pay taxes. In the words of Patrick Henry, "No taxation without representation." Now the LGBTQ has representation

The votes rolled in and Obama was the winner. Some threw tantrums on the good old facebook and others like myself rejoiced. Our voices did count and we Baracked the vote. Big Bird lives on!

Now that being said, no matter who you voted for and no matter if they won or lost, you are still a winner and got off your ass. Whether you voted for Bam Bam or Mitten or anyone else it still meant you used your voice. For that you deserve some nice pics of April Brucker to finish out this blog. Some men want to keep me on their wall and some men want to put me in a binder. You can so either as long as you stay away from my uterus.

Enjoy those photos.

May they cheer you up if your man didn't win.

If your man did win may they add to the party.

Love April

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  1. This page should be called ERECTION HIGHLIGHTS. *ahem* Great Post April.