Friday, November 30, 2012

Egg Drop Soup and Old Friends

Yesterday wasn't such a hot day. I was sick. My body hurt. Walking up the stairs was a chore. Not to mention I had the runs, I know, overshare. Anyway, I called my mommy with all my health concerns like I always do. My mom said it was lack of protein. But I am always getting protein. She said it was bad protein. I mentioned I had been eating a lot of cart food and she said that was it. But my food cart is usually pretty good. Maybe I had gotten the old Denny's Style Rainbow Meat. Either way, my mom recommended a chicken from the supermarket. But I had been getting the runs so badly that nothing was staying down. So I figured chicken tomorrow,soup today.

The Chinese place around the corner serves the most delicious Egg Drop Soup in the world. I had some and it was like heaven. My stomach settled and I began to feel relaxed and went out like a light. Not only did it taste good, but that settled my stomach. I slept for a few hours, just tired from a week steeped in action. Monday I had a gig in Westchester. Tuesday I had some book stuff. Wednesday more book stuff. And yesterday I donated one of my books to a worthy cause.

I woke up for a little bit, fought with an old friend online, had some iced cream, and went to sleep.

The Egg Drop Soup had helped. My stomach was settled,just a little tired.

When I woke up I saw an old friend Maura McCarthy decided to follow me on Twitter. We had done a theatre camp together when we were kids in Pittsburgh. She looked good, had become a red head, and was acting in LA. I had remembered liking Maura and it had been forever since we spoke. I tweeted at her and said I was glad she was still acting.

Maura tweeted back and said that indeed it had been a long time and she saw my article in xoJane! I was like wowsa! Way to reconnect. In case you have not seen my article here it is xo

This was awesome. My friend Mandy Stadtmiller, who is utterly amazing, got me to write the piece. The whole experience has been exciting.

Anyway, it made my morning. I am feeling better today. Also am getting my first royalty check for my book in the mail. SO EXCITED!



I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl
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