Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Angus T Jones: Well Done and Overcooked

Angus T. Jones's career, burnt to a crisp
Well Angus T. Jones has proved that in the series of Two and a Half Men he is a half of a man. Not only did Prophet Angus release a statement, but he made a public apology. He said he was "sorry" if his remarks "offended his costars and their work."

Translated, Angus realized that serving Satan was better than serving fries. So Angus gave himself to Jesus until he realized his career was burning and well done instead of medium rare and full of promise.

What I would like to see is Angus T. Jones and Kirk Cameron fight over who is more annoying. Angus just went mad, Kirk Cameron has been going for decades. Cage match.

Better yet, I would also like to see a reality show called Two Amens where Angus T. Jones tries to save Charlie Sheen and tries to get him to find Jesus. Maybe Julie McCullough from Growing Pains- who is now trying to have a painful career as a standup comedian-can be their Mary Magdelene. Woman has big boob, is aging, and needs a job.

Maybe then there can be a cage match with Kirk Cameron where she kills him and saves us all. I do like her even though she is an old slut past her prime, but she is a nice old slut. Maybe she can have a second career as a pro-wrestler.

In the end Augus T. Jones isn't a Jesus freak. He is a poser. Tebow is a Jesus freak and while some people find him annoying I find him endearing because he actually has a talent and is sincere. Not to mention he knows not to piss off the people paying him!!!!

I hate you Angus. Your career is well burnt. You're done, Angie!

Angus before the meltdown, had a career

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