Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nicest Book Review Ever

As an author when people read my book I get all sorts of feedback. Some like it, some have questions, some go crazy into interpretation. Someday some lesbian scholar will be analyzing me saying I chose the pseudonyms Skipper and Wendell for my siblings because Skipper was the name of the sister of Barbie Roberts, and the less desirable relative of the plastic icon and perhaps the way I saw myself. And they will say Wendell is an old name that symbolizes the male world that imprisons me.

None are true but it makes me feel important.

Anyway, this past Friday my friend who I will call RJ was having a birthday. Down on his luck and going through a lot that I will not get into, RJ wanted to buy my book more than anything. Unfortunately, with the way his money and living situation is the dream wasn't happening any time soon. So for his birthday I decided to give him one of my books. Why not? As an artist he would be able to delve into it, plus it would alleviate his current situation which isn't so hot.

RJ and I met last night for iced cream. While finishing one book, RJ was starting mine. He asked me if the stories were real. I told him yes. RJ then asked if I was the pink gorilla at the beginning and said that I was. Without missing a beat, RJ said, "You made someone's anniversary. That's pretty special, April."

A smile spread over my face. RJ then continued, "You are very funny. Your book is very funny. But it's also an uplifting and inspiring book that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's a feel good book."

I was like wow. That was perhaps the kindest thing anyone said about my book.

RJ also said my book also made him believe in love again, and it made him want love. I was touched that it was changing my friend's life. This past week I got a tweet from a Forbes CEO who loved my pink gorilla and another fan note from someone else who read a chapter. This review, however, was perhaps the sweetest I had ever gotten.

Lately time and life hasnt been kind to my friend. However, maybe my book is helping to change his luck and put a little sunshine in my life. I am glad to help.

I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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