Monday, November 26, 2012

What a Difference a Mani/Pedi Makes

Hello Darlings. I know I was a little out of sorts yesterday with my depression. Anyway, I felt like staying in bed all day and watching Married With Children. But my mom urged me to get a mani/pedi. I went to the salon and started to get my mani/pedi when I saw a girl I knew from the neighborhood. She had met a guy online and was flying out to Phoenix the next day to see him. But here's the thing, they talk and text daily but she hadnt heard from him in two days. The cad was breaking her heart and she was unsure of what to do. Should she stay or go? Should she go to Phoenix or get a hotel? These were all questions to be settled at the nail salon.

I told her not to worry and then she would hear from him.

Enter a third woman. She agreed with me. Keep the hotel and if it doesn't work out with his guy then she just has a vacation of her own to go on. We all agreed that men were obtuse, thoughtless creatures with no feelings. As we talked we made our friend feel better about her voyage. The third girl made an important point, you need to put yourself out there and risk getting hurt. And if you get hurt it means that you just keep moving. Cry for one day but keep on moving.

She talked about this guy she met over the summer who seemed hot on her but then totally stood her up when he was invited to her ice show. Then she sent him a picture and he was McShade about the whole thing. They still talk but her heart isn't on him. Then we reminisced about Kindred Spirit who behaved much the same way. These guys always tell you one thing and then want another. They love you one minute and then the next minute they just want to be friends. Such tricky creatures they are.

My friend going to Arizona said she was starting to resent her potential beau and I pointed out maybe he needed to move down a few notches because maybe he was showing her who he really was. We all agreed. Either way I hope her trip to Arizona goes well. Best of the the best, she gets a man she truly loves and adores. Worst of the worst, she just tans for a few days and has her time.

Either way the trip to the nail salon perked up my spirits. I felt better and went to hang with some of my boys.

Sigh, men are such simple, stupid creatures. I would say I hurt their feelings but that would involve having feelings.

Then again, men are funny too. They make me laugh. Especially when they bring me flowers when they screwed up. I need something like this to happen soon. There must be more gossip at the nail salon.

I must set feminism back hundreds of years.

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