Thursday, November 29, 2012

Loser of the Week: William Bailey

Well I came across this story in the news and this man is beyond stupid. He defines fucktard, dickwad, assweed, and cunt scab. Yes, I am talking about William Bailey, the Canton, Ohio man who made fun of a little nine year old girl named Hope Holcomb with cerebral palsy trying to get off the school bus. If that wasn't bad enough he got his kid to join in and encouraged his son to, "Walk like a retard."

Apparently,the two families have children in the same school and have been feuding. Even so, the feud is between the adults. This has nothing to do with the children you tremendous dickwad fucktard assweed cunt scab inbred mouth breather! This man had no words for his shiteous actions. Then again, COWARDS AND BULLIES NEVER DO!

Well he has entered the court of Brucker. This is my place and I propose they punish this feindish low life in the following ways.

1. Sentence him to jail like they have for a month.

2. Have him strapped to the wall in jail and have a bunch of angry, sex starved convicts probably looking at life sentences do what they will.

3. Make sure they beat him so badly that he walks with a limp for life.

Maybe the Geneva Convention will sue me for my Judge Dread style of justice but rest assured this man deserves an ass whoopin. A man who bullies a disabled little girl is not a man. He is a coward and a bully.

My bet is that his kid is a little asshole and a little bastard with a rat tail who terrorizes other children. Wonder where he gets it from? But then again behind ever jerkoff child is a jerkoff parent.

Anyway,the dude as I said got jail. Which relieves me to no end because in this ever changing world the people are making a statement. Bullying of any kind and any way,shape,or form is unacceptable. Hell, let me have a swing at this moron. I bet you I could beat his ass. But why should I? Ten other people will.

Of course I better be nice to this piece of white trash. He will be either pumping my gas or serving my fries.

Regardless of your political views this man deserves an ass whoopin. You don't believe me, watch the video right here.

Aaron Carter and Angus T. Jones, you have been dethroned. There is a new grand high fuck up in
This is what I would call a professional asshole. He makes fun of a little girl with a disability. Someone needs to kick his ass pronto. Weekend trip to Canton, anyone?
Even your own kid doesn't want to be seen with you. I think he is plotting to run away and with good reason.

A smiling, happy, nice child does not deserve to be bullied. She might walk with a limp but that is the last of her problems. Go little Hope! You are a ray of sunshine and let us know if he bothers you again ;)


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