Sunday, November 25, 2012

Disturbia (Rihanna)

A review of my brother Wendell on said that he was cute. Another review said that when the female students got drunk they talked about having his children. The females like my brother. Sure, he is cute I suppose. But to call  sibling remotely attractive is weird and unnatural unless you are from a Red State, and by red I mean bright Alabama or Kentucky Red.

My brother's students think he is hot and is dismayed he is not teaching this semester. AHHH!!! My sister in law apparently knows about these reviews. She thinks they are funny. Nonetheless they still distress me to no end, as in disturb me. Do they know Wendell almost won the No Bathing Contest in High School? Do they know a woman called him once and he barked, "What do you want!"

Do they know the man they are crushing on?

Wendell is my brother. I suppose he is nice looking. Veronique seems to agree. I know they do married people stuff fill in the blanks. But I don't want to know anymore.

People say we look alike.

Boys hit on Skipper too. If I had my way she would be living in a castle and would let down her hair in secret to speak to them. Me, evil witch, would kill them off. I am protective of my sister.

Either way, the reviews from my brother's students were cute and sweet but slightly disturbing.

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