Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sexism in the City

The other day I was walking along and I saw this guy selling tickets in Times Square. There was a guy, obviously new and not very good at the job. I know dealing with the public can be taxing. After all, I used to sell clothing to older women. However, sometimes there is a fine line between having a bad day at work and just being a generalized asshole.
Anyway, this woman rebuffed his guy selling the tickets when he told her she was pretty and that he wanted to take her out. This woman ignored him. Rather than keep going and brush her off as one of the many in Times Square he said, “Yeah, ignore me. Go swing off your stripper pole you disease ridden slut!”
Now when I heard this I was more than offended. I almost married a guy just like this mind you. So when I hear women bashed in this way it is a sickening reminder of the attitudes my ex had towards my gender. I remember my ex hated a friend of mine in particular who got around so to speak. She was a good girl though, and a good friend. My ex went so far as to call her a slut. Then I reminded him that he had been around, so much so that he had an AIDS scare once because one of his past partners called the Department of Health. My ex’s reply, “Well, it’s different for me. I’m a man.” Okay, gender cop out. Whatever.
Note, an AIDS scare or an HIV/AIDS diagnosis does not make a person a slut or a whore but rather a human. I was using my ex’s behavior as an example of how one judges another human when we are all cut from the same cloth and the same Mother Earth.
Then of course there was the matter that my ex once dated strippers. I brought his ex up once, yes the one who was giving him money, and he went so far as to call her a tramp. He said she was a tramp because she was married when they met. Then she was a tramp not only because she had stripped but because supposedly she had cheated on him. Meanwhile, he forgets she was cheating on her current partner when they met so what does he expect. Also, in this equation, his selective memory forgets that while she was married when they met he was dating a married woman!!!
So basically, I guess this upsets me more than it does most people when I see a man behaving in such an immature way. It doesn’t just demonstrate a bad day, but a bad attitude towards a gender. Maybe we asked him out as a joke back in the day, although it wasn’t all of us. Gee, wonder why?
Anyway, as this girl walked away I couldn’t help but look over in disgust. What an assweed! Then he looks at me and decides to engage me. He says, “Did you see that girl? She totally blew me off. The slut will soon be swinging off a stripper pole and spreading her STDs to the world. It’s disgusting.”
So now I am supposed to think your chauvinism and misogyny are adorable? That’s when I totally just let my disgust show and said, “No, she won’t. I think the only thing disgusting here is your attitude towards my gender and the fact you are a bully. And just because a woman rebuffs you doesn’t mean she is a stripper. If anything, you would be so lucky to have a stripper rebuff you.”
This dude, now seeing that I wasn’t siding with him or thinking his behavior was cute said, “Well you’re ugly too!”
That’s when I held up my right hand and stated, “And this is the only girlfriend you probably ever had, J-i-l-l.”
He basically told me to get fucked and I told him with the wonderful attitude he was displaying towards women it was never happening. I almost wanted to tell him that I probably knew his boss and could get him fired. Or better yet, knowing that he probably mouthed off to someone like my sister or my mother made me want to deck him and kick him where he really thinks and feels. Not only would it hurt, but he would never see it coming.
Plus it would be justice seeing that he was getting his ass kicked by a woman!
Then I figured I wouldn’t play Mother Justice. Instead, I would let the girl get her angry boyfriend. Her angry boyfriend would punch this arrogant, male bully. It would be man to man, not that it is better, but why should I go to jail?

My fantasy glamorized mug shot. 

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