Saturday, May 12, 2012


They say you are the man
Something of a sexpot
Your appeal is something I never got
Using women
To you we are chattle
Traded in the market
For a price
You wish
You were living in the Middle East
Where we could be traded like cattle
Maybe a blonde for a red
How does she give head?
If she gives good head,
Does she talk too much?
Does she blush when I speak?
Do I make her knees weak?
Nevermind, she is too smart for me.
Product in your hair
Is that your legal name?
Or is it Romeo?
Somedays you go by Casanova
You say you love women
Why don’t you give her a black eye?
Either way, you are nothing but an abuser
A liar
Want my money?
Want to live rent free?
Want to ruin my credit?
Oh most definitely you do
You believe your looks will get you
Where you need to go
As you lie about liking an intelligent woman
Sorry, my esteem is not low enough for you
My IQ is much too high
Why don’t you jump off a bridge?
And why don’t you die?
The world is a better place without you
Women won’t feel the need to pander to you
Blow your brains out your sleazy snake
All your lines are absolutely fake
Just like the story about your dead father
Just like you
Your father is probably alive and well
Without a clue as to what his story is being spun for
To capture some whore
When I said whore
I meant you. 

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