Thursday, May 10, 2012

Go Team Obama!

Yes Barack Obama has come out and says he supports gay marriage. Good for him. I support gay marriage. First off, there are a lot of wonderful people in my life who happen to be LGBTQ. There is my friend Jennifer Troiano who got gay married two weekends ago in NYC. There is my kickboxing instructor and MMA diva Jeanene Gannon. Lest we not forget my boss Jon Shipley at the Big Apple Singing Telegram Company. My boys at Vibe West Hair Salon as well as David Ryan. My Bo Squad. My Astoria Boys. Brad and Octavio down the street. Amy Beckerman who has fearlessly photographed me. And the list goes on.

Bottom line, I want to see my friends happy and healthy.

However, this attitude of intolerance is one that astounds me. Yes, I was raised with God in my house and God in my life. Where I was raised marriage was between one man and one woman, but we really didnt have gay people. On the other hand, my parents were always the types who told us not to judge a person based on their religious beliefs or race but rather by who they were. My folks were the type to live and let live as long as a person worked hard, minded their own business and didnt bother anyone.

Why is that so hard America?!?!

There is flack that Obama is doing this with the election looming, and that may be the case, but so what? He supports gay marriage as should anyone who has half a brain. There is the Bibical arguement perhaps. But the Bible also talked about a man living three thousand years. Science has proven being gay is not a choice let alone a psychological perversion. And if it were a choice, that choice would mean sometimes a lot of prejudice and hate on behalf of others. I have had friends who were victims of hate crimes and that trauma stays with a person forever. Trust me, no one puts themselves through that if they have a choice.

I love and respect my LGBTQ friends not just for being themselves, but having the couage to stand up to people in a classy way who are ignorant and less than tolerant. I say let the homos get married, and let me catch the damn bouquet at the wedding. Even if the groom and the groom has to wipe my mascara it is all worth it, and it will probably happen.

Now they say that Obama is doing this as a publicity stunt. Maybe he is. But in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, "It is always the right time to do the right thing."

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