Monday, May 7, 2012

Semi-Pro: How I Feel About the Legalization of Weed

There is all this hype about legalizing weed. I am on the fence. Yes, cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than tobacco every damn year. My grandfather, my dad’s father, died as a result of years of smoking two packs a day. I have family members who have alcohol destroying their lives, so much so that they do unemployment and sometimes jail like it is nothing. Weed doesn’t fall into the equation there whatsoever.
I object to the Gateway Drug theory. I feel that it simplifies something very difficult to understand or explain. Yes, I know people who started with weed but then graduated to other drugs. Someone I know, who regularly shoots oxycodone, started smoking weed when we were teenagers. On the other hand, I know a woman who became an alcoholic in her forties that never touched a joint. My dearly departed friend Roger also never smoked weed, but however shot crystal meth and even on occasion speedballed with crystal meth and heroin.
Roger, in his younger, more flamboyant days, had been a drug dealer. I asked him how he felt about weed. According to Roger, the only reason he sold weed was it was an excuse to sell drugs to white kids who were quick money. However, Roger never would touch the stuff with a ten foot pole. Roger would say, and I quote, “To me, weed smokers were nothing but lazy and they smelled bad. They had no work ethic either. Not once did a weed smoker steal something or offer to suck my dick because they couldn’t afford to pay me. It was always, ‘Can I pay you later?’ I said, ‘No bitch. Either pay me now or get on your knees.’ They didn’t like that.” Needless to say, Roger moved on to selling far more addictive substances with a clientele who would do the things he requested of them.
I can understand the medical benefits of weed. They wanted to give it to AIDS patients in the days of wasting syndrome in order to restore their appetites. There was talk of giving it to chemo patients for the same reason. I can understand that.
However, there is the danger that people will self-medicate. Yes, I said it. My dear Holden Caulfield, diagnosed as bi-polar one and has been off his psych meds for sometime. When I met Holden he was a huge pot head. That didn’t bother me. A pot head really is seldom violent. But then I found out he had a past with other drugs and alcohol as well, and it was an excuse not to take his much needed meds. Currently, Holden, who I was blessed to have as a friend and a boyfriend for a short time, is on the run from the law. Yes, he has three warrants for his arrest and is currently working as a male prostitute. He leaves me incoherent messages. Holden had a psych tell him that she would rather him smoke weed than go without his meds. So I suppose he took it as an excuse to go without his meds and just to smoke weed. While him being on weed is better than him being medication free, it is still pretty bad when he tells a story about a diamond business overseas that clears six figures when he cannot pay his phone bill.
I posed the question to a so called marijuana legalization activist about what he would tell someone who was smoking weed instead of taking their psych meds. I believe that if one is an activist they must answer questions about their cause, and must have an answer when these are posed. When I say this, I speak as an activist myself. My platforms are HIV/AIDS Awareness, GLBTQ Rights, Women’s Issues, Victim’s Rights and Domestic Violence Awareness, and Anti-Bullying. Of course, I posted this on an event bulletin board. I thought as an activist to another activist he would have answered my question, and I introduced myself as another activist. He didn’t answer my question but instead blocked me from the event. I thought, “Gee, wonder why your cause has gotten no where since the 1960s.”
Indeed that is the problem with the pro-legalization movement is the activists themselves. They cannot answer some very pointed and basic questions. Then there is the question of, if weed is sold, should it be taxed? I asked this question to another pro-marijuana activist. Instead it was just this and that and mumbo jumbo. He also went off on some tangent about how marijuana should be treated as well as holistic medicine to cure cancer. While I agree both can be used to treat cancer, let’s not ignore the advances science has made. I asked another so called pro-legalization person about how they would feel about weed smoking sections. He went off on some rant about how weed doesn’t pollute the air. Sir, the last time I checked it smelled bad. I hate the smell of weed worse than I hate cigarettes. Lastly, my question was about the purity of what was being sold and smoked. A few years ago a girlfriend of mine got some Mary Jane laced with PCP and had to go to the hospital. They couldn’t give me a straight answer there either.
The worst part about pro-legalization people is they try to push weed on you for everything too. Oh I have a tummy ache. That’s when they tell you that weed will be good for that. Stressed, you must need to smoke weed too. Worse yet, joint pain, here’s some weed. Bleeding head, weed. They have this belief that they have discovered this Nirvana cure. Odds are, these idiots would actually support Holden in not taking his psych meds and smoking weed instead. Yes, my friend who doesn’t know whether he is coming or going and has almost thirty suicide attempts under his belt. So what every other med has failed? Let’s give him some weed. And if that doesn’t work why don’t we let him drink.
Bottom line, there is a reason that people like my brother and sister go to school for years to become doctors. While diagnosis is a guessing game, I would rather have a graduate of Brown’s Alper Medical School writing me a script than some smelly ganga ridden moron who hasn’t bathed in days telling me to smoke something sweet because it will make me feel better, and then risk it being laced with something nasty. Plus sometimes a good run or a change of diet is a much healthier, more effective cure for stress or a stomach ache.
Plus I hate the smell of weed. To me it is disgusting. To me pot heads are disgusting too. While some of my friends blaze I am not around when they do it, thank God. I think potheads, echoing my deceased drug dealer friend Roger, are lazy. I think they smell. I think they lack effort and ambition to have an actual drug problem. I also hate people who call themselves drug dealers simply because they sell weed. Roger and I both conferred once that such people were not drug dealers but rather florists.
On the other hand, people do worse things to themselves all the time that are legal. No one arrests an obese person for overeating. No one arrests a bulimic for shoplifting food she will binge on and later purge. No one arrests an anorexic for refusing to eat. No one arrests a cutter for cutting themselves and possibly severing an artery. Yes, eating disorders are the most deadly of all mental illnesses and each action I have listed is legal. Self-injury also has a high death toll. Ephedrine as well as other diet drugs have been the cause of heart attacks and death rates so much so that they stopped selling it over the counter in 2005. All are legal, weed is not. Point is, people hurt themselves in worse ways all the time and no one arrests them. However, they arrest a person for blazing which is beyond me.
Not to mention more people go to rehab every year for prescription drug abuse, and these narcotics are not purchased on the street but given to patients by doctors. But a person can’t smoke a blunt. No one crashes a car and kills a family driving under the influence of weed either.
Weed does not render a person homeless, cause them to work as a prostitute, or cause them to rob people. It just makes them lazy, smelly, and frankly no one I want to be around. The activists just need to work on answering their own questions, that’s all.
Bottom line, legalize it. Just don’t smoke the shit around me. And don’t try to push it as a medicinal cure either on me. I am smarter than you. If you want to be dumb and watch Scooby Doo, do it on your time and not around me. Love, April

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