Saturday, May 12, 2012

Feeling Better

I am starting to feel better. Contrary to what I might believe, my boss does not hate me. None of my bosses do. I am starting an exciting new job in Times Square this week. I am also having an editor look over my book, six weeks until we ebook baby. Oh and my song was number three on the FJS Indie Music countdown. I knew "Stay" had hit potential, now to just get it to the top of the charts. As for other things, it looks like I have the most amazing opportunity to tell my story about being a dating violence survivor. All these things and more are making me happy.

This Monday I go to the beach with my mom and dad for a few days which I need. While the physical pain has subsided, I still just feel a general exhaustion. I did my anger management pilot today, good stuff.

As for the guys in my life, eh there are none. Just me fan boys.

We called Holden today as a part of the pilot I filmed to yell at him for being a mooch. He shut his phone off of course. I am to the point where I don't want updates. While I want to see him get his act together, get his kids back, fly right; I know it will not happen. I know I am a fool to wait around until that plane lands. It's not going to land between his arrest warrants and other issues he has looming over head.

As for Kindred Spirit, that Dick Suave is being tagged in this chick's photos on facebook. I don't know, he has desperate, insecure, and ugly women calling him a hunk. He thinks he's a lothario which is disgusting. I don't know what's more unattractive, the fact that he thinks women are on this planet to serve him? Or perhaps it is the fact that his best days are so far behind him that it's not even funny. His inner-circle is pretty misogynistic, and I would have probably killed these apes who only learned how to speak and walk upright a mere week ago. Nonetheless, his career is basically over. He will have plenty of time to play catch with his female admirers.

Sigh, that's where I am at

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