Friday, May 11, 2012

Winner of the Week: Michael Cooney

Little Michael Cooney has cerebral palsy. His father, Staff Sargent Jeremy Cooney was away in Iraq. For years the family communicated on skype. While his father was away at war, with the help of his mother, little Michael learned how to walk. When his father came home, not only was he overjoyed at seeing his family, but even more overjoyed at the surprise his little boy had for him.

Watching this video made me cry, and it made me want to give little Michael Cooney a big old hug and medal of honor. People complain about trivial things, while this little man is happy he can walk.

Ho Mikey go! Many great things in your future. Just like your father, you are a courageous man and fighter. We all have learned so much from you. You might be six years old, but you are much braver than many people who are generations older. AWESOME WORK BIG GUY!!!!

Click here to see the video

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