Thursday, May 3, 2012

The War on Women Wages On

Yes, the War on Women is waging. An anti-abortion group has procured the records of female patients at an abortion clinic in Kansas. They have 86 records to be exact. I think this is disgusting on so many levels. First and foremost, while I might be pro-choice I want to point out no one is pro-abortion. No one wakes up, eats their Wheaties and then heads to the clinic for a lil D n C. Seriously. No one looks forward to getting an abortion people. It's not like Starbucks where you buy so many cups of coffee and then you get a freebee. No. Second, it is a woman's right to choose. I do not want some man (yes man) telling me what to do with my body. It is my choice whether to have my baby, give it up for adoption, or abort. I support adoption. I have six cousins who are adopted. But that was also the woman's choice to do so.

Finally, pro-life activists make me ill on so many levels because they wage war on me, woman. Yes, man can walk away and refuse to support child but I must bear the social stigma and brunt for the blame when it took two to tango. They say, "You make your bed you lie in it." Well when a woman is forced to play by the rules of  conservatives like Santorum she most certainly lies in it, while Johnny Appleseed can roam free producing more children he doesn't support.

Pro-life activists are often times selfish and pushed the Komen Foundation to revoke funding for mammograms. When they realized that Planned Parenthood could live without them, they had a change of heart. Women's health is not just a women's issue it is an everyone issue.

Frankly, the accessing of records that are supposed to be confidential is a whole new low on the part of the pro-life movement. The next time they want to cry about how no one cares about the unborn, I will just bring up that as a whole they don't care about mothers or their infants. The true terrorists were not under bin Ladin but rather they are those people. Waging a war on my uterus, now that is the ultimate in discrimination and hate.

Pro-lifers, people who terrorize women and infants in the name of God, religion, and rights for the unborn. 

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