Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just For Fun: Bad Wedding Photos With Captions

Did you ever want to shoot your wedding photographer? I bet these people do. These are real wedding photos, and they are really bad. So for fun I am posting them with my own captions.

Lawrence Welk made me do it

John Holmes took a break from his busy filming schedule to  pose for this photo.

We all hope this will end in divorce, and the flower girl speaks for all of us. 

Never take acid before a photo session. 

"Dad, I know this is a shot gun wedding. But you agreed to hide the gun before the photographer came over."

Are those your nieces, nephews, or your children out of wedlock?

Many men want a woman under their thumb, this misogynist wants a woman in the palm of his hand. 

"This is what you get for sleeping with my sister the night before our wedding. I know she was the stripper at your bachelor party but did you have to with Tammy!-Oh no, the camera's rolling, Goddamnit."

Woman, poised for mistake, hopes bird does not poke out her  eyes or poop on her. 

A couple who looks like a tacky Club Med ad that exercises together, stays together. 

It's cause Jesus won't let me smoke in church. 

You know it's a good day when your Maid of Honor is  uglier than you. That way you look beautiful in all your photos.

I can't find my husband girls. After I got drunk I blacked out and believe I ate him. 

His first wife was ugly, really ugly. So ugly that her face was never seen in the light. This photo is proof. He did not know how ugly she was until the veil was removed. 

They say your wedding night is the night of discovery.  This couple discovered that not only did they  pick a locale with bad lighting, but now they cannot show this photo to their future children

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