Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loser of the Week: George Zimmerman

Yes, this week's loser of the week is George Zimmerman. Not only did he shoot Trayvon Martin in cold blood, but they just uncovered his old myspace page. On his myspace page he is caught making racist remarks about Mexicans, but speaks about his ex in the most misogynistic manner calling her a "ho" and boasting that two of his felonies have been dropped to misdemeanors. Sir, I know you took your job as a member of the Neighborhood Watch to seriously. The 9-1-1 operator told you to back off. What were you doing with a gun? He was unarmed. Jesus Christ, will someone just take this fool and beat the crap out of him lynch mob style. Unfortunately, the court system does all they can to protect offenders, giving them more rights than any victim could ever dream of having. He's guilty, we have it on record.

As a bonus, the conservative media has been painting Travyon as a thug. Yes, he made some mistakes but he was seventeen. He was unarmed, and he was minding his own business. Bottom line, in a play from hell we cannot cast angels as actors. A victim is still a victim.

Now that being said, a defense attorney once said to me, "April, what if you were accused of a crime? It would be the worst thing ever."

Well so far in my experience the Constitution has been created to protect defendants against the so called wrongs. Further, defendants can assist in jury selection making it fair for them. (No talk about the victims). The so called wrongly accused always cry innocent (yes, just innocent of that rape and murder, let's not talk about the other two you actually did). And then defense lawyers go so far as to vilify the victim, especially if she is a woman. That being said, there is no talk of the victim here, none whatsoever. There is something wrong with this picture.

Oh and why did people have to protest until Zimmerman was arrested. Why wasn't he arrested immediately.

That being said I hate George Zimmerman and the ever blessed ground he walks upon. Justice for Travyon.

You have shot Travyon and now yourself. Have  fun getting shanked, Mister. 

When people cry over Zimmerman's rights remember the seventeen year old kid minding his own business, unarmed, who was shot for no reason. Justice for Travyon. 

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