Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Yesterday I was bored after a long day. I had worked all morning, went to an audition, and was so tired I could barely move because an errand that should have been ten minutes turned into a freaking hour. So I googled sex offender registry.

Just out of morbid wonder, I punched in my hometown of Bethel Park, PA. Low and behold, the kid I sat next to in seventh grade reading pops up. Charge: sexual abuse of children.

When he popped up I was surprised to say the least. I remembered he had been a loser type of kid. Big, stocky, and had tried to play football for a brief minute. He was on the track to pumping gas, but seemed to be a good soul. I used to let him copy my reading homework because he was slow. I don't remember that he was an arrogant prick to me like others were. Actually, I sort of liked the dude.

Like many in his loser group, he sat in the back during assemblies, but unlike them he was quiet. For a while he did groundskeeper work at the high school, but I do believe he dropped out. Anyway, he didn't seem like the type to touch kids.

Now I know why he took the groundskeeper job at the high school. To him it was like the candy store literally. Actually, he probably was the stranger giving the candy, ewwww!!!!!!

While it was creepy and disturbing, I posted about it on facebook yesterday and several former classmates wanted to know who he was. Yes, I could print his name but I emailed them privately. Not because I care so much about the privacy of someone who hurts children, I believe they need to be shot in the street. For one, they are the ultimate predator. They pick on victims who are clearly weaker and will not fight back. Second, they cannot be rehabilitated and why should my tax money go to keep them warm in a jail cell, feed them, and ultimately give them free schooling? I say shoot them and burn the bodies. They are disgusting.

All of my former classmates who asked me as to who he was said the same thing, "He was the nicest, most quiet kid there was."

I gave one former classmates who has a little girl the link to his picture in case they were out for iced cream and he was spotted.

I talked to my mom about my new discovery and proposed perhaps he had a girlfriend who was maybe sixteen and her parents were being hard asses. My mom, wife of a prosecutor, said, "April, someone has to have done something bad to be on that website."

Now here I am, thinking of this quiet kid I knew. The entire time the wheels in his brain were turning. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch. The words, ick, ewww, yuck, Oh my God!

On the other hand, I remember this quiet kid who used to copy my homework. I guess I find myself wondering, what went wrong?

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