Friday, May 4, 2012

Denise Richards Piggy Backs Off Ex-Again

Denise Richards is only good for one thing, being easy on the eyes. Aside from the fact that she can't act and is only really good for popping out babies, she is yet again piggybacking off of her ex-husband's fame. Denise, who has been out of work for sometime, is going to the press to discuss her ex-hubbie Charlie Sheen's anger management.

I had sympathy for Denise until a few years ago, after restraining orders against Mr. Sheen, she crawled back to him and asked to use his frozen sperm because she wanted another baby. Translated, she was trying to stay tied to Charlie so she could keep working. I mean, I saw her in Wild Things and James Bond. As an actress she has the range or Tori Spelling. But my question is, bitch, if you want another baby why not let another man knock you up? You are cute enough.

Either way, I don't like her and I think this latest attempt to talk to the press is utterly cheap and low. Denise Richards is to Hollywood is what herpes is to a college student, a painful sore that goes away but always shows it's face again.

"I have no talents aside from being Mrs. Charlie Sheen. I would show you how I can act in this audition but I don't act that well."

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