Monday, May 7, 2012

Snake Charmer-Poem

This is about me getting even with a male player. I read this one on youtube. Symbolism at it's finest. I feel like I am seventeen again. 

Play your flute
You say you can tame
The cobra or asp
With her poisonous venom.

What’s your name?
What ghetto do you come from?
The far east, the Midwest, the west coast?
The East coast, being a man you always boast

Of your conquest in the basket.
How it doesn’t bite.
How contrite.
Does your snake have a name?

Or is it just one of many you met-
In a marketplace where there was a magic lamp-
A magic carpet flying about-
Perhaps a monkey on your back singing rhymes-

What lie did you tell the sultan?
Did you claim that you made the snake dance?
And did he spare your head?
If so how did he spare your head?

Or was it his daughter who spared your head,
From the Hammarabi Blade meant to cut it off?
Did you make the snake dance in advance?
And did it make them burst out with laughter?

You always have your stories-
Keeping perfect eye contact-
Pretending to care-
Asking if I bite-

You always do it right-
That’s why the girls fawn.
Over your abilities,
Your magic flute.

You try to entrap me,
In your basket,
You charm me with your flute.
I do not dance.

There is not a chance
You think you can become ammune to my poison.
Bring me to the sultan-
As your pet.

You think you can make me your pet.
Like Augustus Caesar tried to make Kleopatra,
Prisoner in chains but she made sure she met my poison,
Beautiful poison, a quicker hit and melodious ending than the cold chains intended.

You think you can make me your pet.
What a coveted bet,
Burning your incense I escape.
Backed turned, simpleton-

You are wrong about me-
Climbing on my belly-
I am a slave to my nature.
As you are to yours.

You ordinarily are.
Now you are the prey.
Now you know how it feels to be enslaved in a basket sir.

I am not pet for a man.
I am not pet for a woman.
I am a snake
Without a spine

I cannot break.
You cannot make me dance,
You cannot charm,
You cannot enslave my majesty.

I am snake-
You are snake charmer-
I bite you and kill you,
Stripping you of your male armor. 

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