Monday, April 30, 2012

Fan Boys of the Week

This week's Fan Boys of the Week are two who are close to my heart.

This first fan boy has been with me since the beginning. He only goes by the name Marzipan, but nonetheless, from the time he saw me on TLC's My Strange Addiction, he has been by my side and has defended me at every turn. That is why Marzipan is the first fan boy of the week.
Call me Marzipan

The second, but not second in my heart, is Dan Tee. Dan reached out to me not just after seeing me on TV, but seeing my youtube videos where I spoke out on behalf of women's rights. Dan assured me that not all men were evil, not that I believed that, and soon became a devoted follower and fan. Not just in the quest for my puppet children and I to reach the stars but also to make the world a better place. To display his love he sent me a beautiful pair of jammies. Photos soon to follow xoxo

Dan Tee and his bros

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