Friday, April 13, 2012

I, Inspiration

I am saying fuck you to the patriarchy by posing for this photo, using my body, not putting out and not swinging from a pole. I don't have to stick my head in the toilet nor my finger down my throat to make you love me. 

I have been told by a great many young people I inspire them. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s that I have the courage to be myself. Maybe it’s that I have the courage to live the life of an artist in an apartment that smells like hair spray and paint. Maybe it’s that my puppet children go with me everywhere I go.
A lot of young women tell me I inspire them. Perhaps it’s the message that they know at the end of the day they don’t need to be a giggling, stupid, Lucite shoe wearing bimbo with a stripper body. Maybe it’s because I let them know that it’s safe to have a brain.
A lot of young men tell me I inspire them as well. It’s because I know what pests women can be. It’s because I know the world wants them to be both macho and sensitive at the same time. I know their life is not easy. I understand therefore I am a friend.
I am told by a lot of gay kids I inspire them.  It’s because I tell them that no matter what others day, they are welcome. They are people like everyone else.
Maybe I suppose I use my big mouth a little too much, but they say that those who have big mouths are the ones God sends to carry the message. So here I am, fearless with my art. Carrying the message. I am letting everyone and all know that yes, I am an inspiration.
I would be your whore but I am much too opinionated. Translated, suck it. 

My platforms are the following. I support domestic violence awareness and prevention. After having an ex go crazy and stalk me a few years ago, I know stalking victims have no rights and in the eyes of many I provoked this man.
I support cyberbullying awareness and anti-bullying, because aside from the crazy ex getting his posse to cyberbully me I was also bullied in school. Bullying of any sort is wrong and is a detriment to anyone.
I am all for LGBTQ rights and the rights of gay people to marry. As a matter of fact, Jenn and Tiffany are getting married this weekend.
I also answer all my fan letters and use the platforms the world has given me to do good. I know, I am a superhero. Very soon I will be a superstar.
I am superfoxxx
I am an inspiration
I am taking over the world

I am myself. We are ourselves. No one governs us but God.

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