Monday, April 16, 2012

A Bo n Boo Adventure

The trip began auspiciously. It was a warm spring day, butterflies were in the air. Little did Bo and Boo know what awaited them across the Manhattan Bridge. 

Last night my friend Sergio aka Bo and I went to have dinner at his friend Bill's house in Brooklyn. Our friend Gus was doing the cooking, and gus is a hell of a cook. So on our way to Brooklyn Sergio and I made up nicknames for ourselves. He is Bo and I am Boo. This all started yesterday when I met him, our friend Tony, and their hearing impared friends for coffee. Truth is, I had no coffee plans and I was kidnapped by four gay men, two deaf, and forced to eat coffee and scones. Not bad, especially when they told me I was beautiful. I know, I am easy to please.

Anyway, Bo invited me to Brooklyn. Our plan was to take the F, walk across the bridge, and there we would be in Williamsburg.

We got downtown near Chinatown and the entire way we found we had a lot in common. In our early twenties both Bo and I had been with abusive men and found it hard to trust. We also found ourselves selling at too low a price sometimes. Not to mention we were both attracted to the bad boys. Bo was a gentlemen. He carried my bag and walked on the outside of the street.

Anyway, we took the Manhattan Bridge. I had doubts about the route Bo was leading me on but he assured me our friend Gus told him to take it. Still, I knew the Manhattan Bridge led to Jay Street. That is a far way away from Graham. Anyway, off we went. Like two kids on an adventure we ran across the bridge. When the train rattled we waved our hands and screamed at the top of our lungs as if we were on a roller coaster. We looked down and saw the majestic water, dark green blue. Despite it's probable pollution it was beautiful when the sun glistened on it.

Bo entertained me with stories of growing up in Mexico City. Then Chiapas. We laughed about boys and how difficult they were to understand. Bo then said he had no problem with me speaking on women's rights but I had to wear makeup and shave my arm pits.

During our jaunt across the bridge we took photos and videos and made up a cheer. Here goes:
You da Bo, I da Boo, who is jealous, you, you, you!!!!

We chanted it all the way across the bridge before reaching Jay Street. I told Bo I had a feeling the route we took was way off. He assured me the Boo we were in good hands but I had my doubts. Something was amiss.

Bo and Boo are having a marvelous time, completely oblivious to the fact  disaster will soon befall our heroes. 

We asked a hipster woman for directions and she told us we were way off. I had been correct. I knew my old jogging route. Why had I listened to my Bo? Oh disaster, especially in my cute little spring dress!!!!! Bo, being the man of the operation, decided we were not walking. He would bail us out. And he did by trying to hail a cab. But my Bo is used to hailing cabs in Mexico City. So he whistled and none came. That's when I hailed one.

Bo refused to let me pay. He insisted it was his mistake and he could not do so as a man. Ten steps ahead of some of the cretins I have dated. Too bad Bo doesn't have a straight brother he could offer as my sacrifice.

Nonetheless, we got there in one piece and had an esquisite time at the dinner party. Bill was a fabulous host and Gus was an awesome cook. Gus warned me never to take directions from a Mexican unless I was lost in the desert.

While Gus might be correct, it was fun as hell going over the bridge with Bo even if it was the wrong bridge. I would take the wrong bridge any day of the week with Bo because it was so much fun. To more Bo and Boo adventures and to the start of a beautiful friendship.

And maybe, to the start of using hopstop.

But he da Bo, I da Boo who is jealous, you, you, you!!!!!!!!


When Bo and Boo reached Bill's house for dinner and Bo put the blame on Gustavo, Boo suggested that they take an airplane the next time. Problem is, both would need a sugar daddy to afford it. 

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