Friday, April 27, 2012

News Stories of the Weak

These are some news stories I find appealing/appalling. To give you some idea, these are some news stories that demonstrate the stupidity of people around the world

In Egypt they introduced the "Fair well Intercourse Law." Translated, you can get it on with your dead husband or wife up to six hours after their death. There is a claim that this is being pushed by the Arab extremists. While most Americans are disgusted, two people spoke up in support. Theodore Robert Bundy of Washington said that he supported the law because it's "better when the bitch is dead." However, while Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer of   Milwaukee said, "Hey, I support the bill only if they come with a side of fries."
Necrophiliac negligee

A California woman won a lawsuit against Nutella because she was mislead in believing it was a healthy breakfast for her children. HOW IS NUTELLA A HEALTH BREAKFAST YOU DUMBASS! IT IS GOOEY CHOCOLATE. WHEN I AM BROKEN HEARTED AS I AM EVERY THURSDAY AT 5 I DIP MY CHEETOS IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nutella, the food of the broken hearted, is a healthy breakfast for children. If you believe that you need  to either have your head examined or your uterus stapled closed because someone as dumb as you should not be reproducing

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