Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week's News

You need to go to the dentist? I have a piece of advice. Don't make an appointment with the woman you just broke up with. A Polish woman and dentist Anna Mackowiak is facing three years in prison after pulling out all the teeth of her ex-boyfriend Marek Olszewski. Apparently, she said, "I was trying to detach myself from the situation. Trying to be a professional. But when I saw him laying there I thought, 'what a bastard.'" A woman scorned is not one you want with a drill. Anna then went to yank all of her boyfriend's teeth out. He woke up with his mouth in bandages and she said that he would probably have to go to a specialist.

Apparently, his new girlfriend has already left him over his toothless appearance.

I knew Polish men were stupid, but rule of thumb, never go to someone you just broke up with for anything, especially a medical procedure. You are lucky it was just your teeth you lying worthless scum.

Before he was a stud muffin

Now this cheating fool eats his muffins through a straw

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