Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is dedicated to my favorite character in Greek folklore. She only gets a bit part in the Odyssey, but she steals the show in my opinion.
Thank you Mr. Tietz for introducing me to a personal hero and a woman who I would want to be friends with. She was also the inspiration for my character in my music video, "Stay."

They say I am the cave witch
Actually they use the other term
I don’t view it as a term of insult but endearment
For men who merely label in the guise of describe.
I lure men in with my charms
I make them fall into my arms
Luring them into my crystal cave
Tearing out their hearts
Making them drink of my nectar
My sex slaves
Unwitting sailors crashed on my shore
My instant stack of lovers, forever more
Although he would be quite a pet
The Raven and I have never met
Ready to do my bidding
Poor boys
Never to leave
But looks do deceive
I am a wood nymph
Ask Odysseus
Fighting that war
Over Helen of Troy
Maneater is the title they bestow upon my womanhood
I say oh well, oh good
But when I chomp on the hearts of men
It is oh so sweet
Men, oh yes they are
The other white meat
I do not boast like Sappho who didn’t need a man
Only to romance and seduce a woman
No one can be prettier than me as long as we are hitting the sheets
I do not look like Helen of Troy with perfect skin
Lying as men are dying over my body for the win
The win not worth it and for a physique and empty head that will grow tired with time.
I will not die bravely like Kleopatra with her asp
I understand not wanting to be a slave to a man, a catch me if you can
No, Augustus Caesar did not have the pleasure of making her march as a prisoner in chains
I look like myself- hard to grasp
In a world where men view beauty as insular and infinate
In a way it is sick
As they lay it on thick with their lies and words in real time
Don't worry though ladies, I get my revenge
Upon these simpletons
Who's ship wrecks on my coast
I am quite the host
Sometimes my hair is red
Just like the blood of the Greek and Trojan Dead
Sometimes  my hair is black as night
Sometimes golden like the sun
They say when you see her you better run
I don't need chains because I have my charms
Unwitting men-thinking with the wrong head
My advantage as you fall into my arms
Oh so ethereal as I float away
Come in boys
The party has started
Too bad you are gonna stay

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