Saturday, April 21, 2012

Heartbreaker Gets His

This next poem is dedicated to a man who believes he is a Lothario. We went out twice and I saw a little after our second date how he really viewed women. As someone who is educated, this blew my mind. It also blew my mind that women wantonly throw themselves at this moron who did not even know who Esther Greenwood or Holden Caulfield were. He also called Biggie Smalls the Sinatra of hip hop. They are not even in the same category. I doubt the mongoloid knows how to spell the word. So for this his Highness gets a poem xo 

I know I look great in this dress. You said that to twenty different women tonight.  This door is not opening. I know you wish we all came with poles and lucite shoes. I come with a pole to pierce your heart with and lucite shoes to step on your corpse. Sorry, I am a person. If you want pleasure invest in a blowup doll. That's more your speed. 

You come in so sleek with your pick up lines
Your lies-
My breath you take.
I let you.
It seems so marvelous,
The story you craft,
I must be daft,
To believe I am different.
But I do.               
They say not to believe you.
The way you throw away women like common trash,
To you we are just objects.
Created to please you, servile creatures-
For your needs oh so numerous-
But you don’t tell us.
Instead, you spin your lies,
Your alibis,
With your box of Altoids you feign Rescue Ranger.
Instead, you want to pull us to danger.
We are all the same to you,
Just a body with a nice ass and perhaps we will wear boots.
Every girl is just a place holder and a number in your phone,
You call to get some when you don’t want to be alone,
She dares ask to be treated like a human.
But then you say, “Are you nuts? I never lie to anyone.”
The line of a lying male, a loaded gun.
Your stories to tell to the next girl,
To open her door,
To rock her world.
I never chased after you.
I knew it was a mistake.
All the lines and the lies were fakes,
Counterfeits to fit your bidding.
Of course she was just a name.
She wanted something else
You led her on, you always do.
They pretend to have a clue
As you drag them into your lair.
I resist you.
I see how the women throw themselves
Like lemurs from the cliff
To your charm.
Impending emotional harm.
Posting on your facebook wall
Tearing up their self-esteem
As you make them feel three feet tall.
For the win, for the fall.
I walk away from you,
Puncturing your massive male ego,
How many doors did you knock on tonight?
With a line so contrite you finally got it right.
I must have been offer number five
No seven.
All good girls go to heaven.
As long as we are servile to your needs.
You can’t tell me I look amazing in that dress!
You told it to another girl who’s name was Bess
Actually that wasn’t her name.
But you forgot anyway so what does it matter?
She was just a place to stick it in
A place to display what you call your joystick
Really not that impressive we all concur.
I throw you out like common trash!
Flick you like your cigarette ash!
Kick you until you fall to the floor!
I am your kharma in person,
Not your unwitting whore!
(Who is probably a bore)
Unbelieving of  all your stupid lines and lies.
Washed up lines just like your career.
A woman like myself is one you should fear
I never forget a counterfeit or fake,
My heart was one you couldn’t break.

Recoiling in disgust from this dickwad

You said you liked this dress? You like this dress?  You tell everyone you like their dress dickwad. I will wear this dress when we meet again and this time I verbally castrate you in person. On second thought, you aren't worth the breath. You pretended to know who Neichze was but  didn't know Camus. Translated, ripping you up is like ripping up a retarded child and that isn't right.

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