Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dropping the Rock

As you all know I put up a video talking about how I hated Jenna Marbles. It got some views, and many hate comments from people who couldn’t spell. I was told my makeup needed an ambulance. I was told I was “jealueous.” I was told I was a “wore.” Then the list goes on with the idiots who couldn’t spell.
The truth is, while I believed I was making a bigger point I really wasn’t. While I believed I was helping young people I really wasn’t making the world a safer place. If anything, I was putting more hate and negativity into the air and that wasn’t my goal. My point was, I want to show young women that it’s okay to be who they are. They don’t have to look like they swing off a freaking Go Go pole or dance on the bar for cheap quarters. But if anything I just felt like, after seeing that video a few times I was doing the opposite.
There are all kinds of people in this world. There are the smart girls, the dumb girls, the weird girls. While I view Jenna Marbles as pedestrian and don’t seek her videos out, she isn’t bothering anyone. While I don’t think Snooki has a brain in her head she isn’t bothering anyone. There are other issues in the world that need to be addressed such as the exploitation of women, homophobia, dating violence and the assault the Republicans are taking on my gender.
Those things are what is wrong with the world.
Jenna Marbles and her offenses are nothing compared to those wrongs.
I have taken the video down because I have been seeing how young people are reacting. While the hate was fun for a while, I see how it is making people angry. I stood by my words, but they were doing more harm than good. I might nor might not make a video to this affect. I have not decided yet.

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