Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winners of the Week

1. The Students at Sandy Hook. They are returning to school today after one of the worst blood baths in the history of the nation. These people have shown resolve, strength, and many of the children not just tremendous maturity but courage. I am so glad that they are back to school today, even if it is at a different site. They are picking up the pieces and they are putting one foot in front of the other. I know it isn't easy but it is life. It's not about what you want but what you need to do. These young people are learning that lesson. My heart and my prayers are with them today.

2. Miss Universe. Olivia Culpo has just moved to New York and is looking for love. Beautiful and outgoing, it is easy to hate her. However, she is using her time constructively not just for college but also to champion causes such as HIV/AIDS Awareness. Over the years I have known several people who are poz, and while it no longer kills the way it once did because of medical research, the stigma like a scarlet letter remains. Not to mention there is a myth in the straight world that we cannot get AIDS. Lie. Good for her. Love you Livi!

3. JJ Watt. This dude is one of my favorites. This defensive end for the Houston Texans has fascinated me since I first saw him beat the living snot without struggle against the Jets. Not only is he big, but he is quick, a rare combo in football. I read more about this young man and during his time at his first college he felt directionless and dropped out. After delivering pizzas for a bit he had an encounter with a fan and that changed him mind. Back in college he was and off to Wisconsin he went to play. Now he is a huge star with Houston and is only getting bigger. Off the field he is a star as well. A true role model, he has not broken the law or fathered any children out of wedlock. Not to mention Mr. Watt took time out of his busy schedule to travel to Sandy Hook to play a game of football with the children there to ease the mind off of the hell that has been their December. In a time in their lives that they will want to forget, he will be the memory they want to keep. Good on you JJ Watt for showing us what it is to be a true MVP. (Not to mention he is HAWT!!!!, oh-rhymes with Watt).

Love April
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