Friday, January 25, 2013

Grave Cave Cold

It is deathly cold outside and I hate it. There is no way to walk three feet without risking frost bite even with gloves. This is Artic, so Artic that I see a penguin running around. Oops a Penguin would be happy. This cold is not happy. It is depressing and awful. I hate the month of January as a rule. Nothing goes on, there is nothing to do, and most of all, my industry comes to a slow. I am doing lots of other things but the cold just takes the energy out of my bones.

I am getting sick-ear ache-and getting depressed.

I always get depressed when I get sick. I have been delivering some telegrams and such. Book sales are okay. Still, I am ready for the next thing. Getting my book on tape done. But when I sit around and am all by myself sick I start to get this feeling of being nothing and going no where. I know rationally I am not true. But I am sick, tired, broke, and my ears hurt. Towards February things get better. I already have two radio appearances booked for February. I have two shows booked for March-both want me to push my book. A film I was in had  a successful screening. Not to mention we are screening another film I am in.

I have been eating a lot of chicken soup and drinking a lot of tea which means I always have to piss like a race horse. I have been spending a lot of time in my pajamas which means I feel less than sexy. Not to mention I have been watching lots of movies on youtube with steamy sex scenes. I look at all these beautiful people and say, “Why can’t my love life be like that?” They have sex and break dishes and stuff.

May Wilson’s love life is like that.

Shanniqua Parker killed her boyfriend who sexed her like that.

Sonny Jones pretends his love life is like that.

Officer E just arrests random men and takes them to the bath house.

I know it will get better, that this will pass. But today I have a Marilyn Monroe, then I have some chicken soup to have, and after that I have a phone date with my mommy for my latest project, and then bed time.



I Came, I Saw, I Sang: Memoirs of a Singing Telegram Delivery Girl

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