Wednesday, January 23, 2013

UnChained Melody (Righteous Brothers)

I want to start by saying I am not what they call a good singer. Although life has a way of making me sing. In drama camp as a kid I just wanted to act but they forced me to sing. I grinned and beared it and eventually it was my favorite class. In high school I auditioned for The Wizard of Oz and ended up getting the lead as the Witch, only to find out I had to sing. I ended up really having a great time and loved the chorus teacher. I was around some kids with great voices. Although I was not one I appreciated what they went through.
College I was mandated to sing as a part of my studio training. I loved my teacher actually. Class was fun and I really learned a lot about the science behind my voice. I never thought I would use it like I did though. Because after college we all know how I supported my career, singing telegrams!
Although I sang daily I never called myself a singer. My bosses assistants have incredible voices. Delta has an amazing range, and Jeanie sings big band which means she has a belt and a half. Over time though, I have learned to work with what I have. Despite the fact I speak like a cartoon character I sing like a man. My voice is low and smoky. Over time, despite my lack of natural vocal ability, I have learned I have two things in my favor. One, the three notes in my range, when I hit them I am not only on pitch but sound amazing. Second, I can take a song and make it my own, good or bad. Either way, it is unique. And when you think of it, most good singers don’t have what they call good voices. They have unique sounds. Billie Holiday breaks every rule there is, either by being off the music or by singing directly from her throat. Rod Stewart, well I love the man but same thing. Most rock singers too. Ethel Merman, she was on her throat a lot. Wowsa.
The other night cause I was bored I decided to have a little fun with Unchained Melody. I did it because why not? I love the song. At first I was afraid to touch it because well, it’s legendary. But then I got bored and figured why not?
My head voice is isn’t there at all, but I have made it my own. It is unique. It is awesome. It is awesomely bad. It is an original interpretive performance. It is letting my fans know that they shouldn’t be afraid to try anything, even if they get a thousand tomatoes thrown at them.
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