Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have started my own production company and I am calling it IndieWood. We are indie all the way and we are taking over Hollywood. Yes, it is all my own. I have been filming videos long enough and it is finally time kiddies. I don't know what is next but I know that it is just time to do this. Anyway I decided to do this after a few things happened.

Let me start by saying I am currently unrepresented and unsigned. At one time the idea of no agent or manager would make me scream. What was I going to do? No one would want me and I would never become a star. Then what happened was I fired my agent and manager at the time because nothing was coming out of the business arrangement. I later learned having an agent and manager meant nothing actually. Most of the time they were burnt out actors or idiots who wanted to be close to show business who cared nothing about their clients. Or they blindly submitted based on a photo and wasted your time at auditions for things you would not be good for. Disconnected without knowing you or caring, they gave you bum career advice. Or they only saw a shallow version of what you could do and being narrow minded losers they didnt want to risk dreaming big. What happened was I stopped looking for an agent or manager and decided to be my own.

While it is more work, I decide the course of my future and the number of my stars. Plus the industry has changed so much. It used to be you went to drama school, trained, and that was respected. Reality TV has changed everything. The unions are a joke these days, and most networks are opting for reality shows because they are cheaper to produce and don't have to deal with the unions. Plus most reality folks are unrepresented for the most part. Bottom line, you don't need an agent or manager. These days you need yourself and your dreams.

After being without an agent or manager for some time, I ironically started to get on television quite a bit. While friends of mine who were represented by big names languished in obscurity or waited months between gigs, I found myself working on the regular. Not to mention was recognized on the street.

I have always been a soul and an artist who has done things her own way. I was kicked out of my first acting school, only to book an acting job a week later and to be perhaps the only person out of that cest pool who is managing to make a name for themselves. I was fired from a club I did a lot for, only to become a well loved talking head, write a book, and get my music on the radio. These things would kill most but only made me stronger. Not to mention I have always found a way to grab my star without anyone giving me any kind of ladder whatsoever. During this time my book has been featured on a promo for Nook and the official website for Britney Spears.

Indiewood is about being unrepresented and proud. It's about thinking outside of the box. It is about being your own person. It is about saying fuck you to the constraints the world places on thought.

Indiewood's next project is a musical. We will get on Broadway. We have gotten this far on our own.

You watch us.

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