Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I Did on NYE

Everyone has lots of plans and schemes NYE. Some people want to ring in the new and out with the old by going to Times Square. It's a big mistake. They corral the people in like animals and the cops make it hellacious to get in and to get out. Not to mention everyone there has been drinking since they woke up that day and now they are mucho hammered. Oh, and there are so many people that it is hard to really get anywhere and going to the bathroom-well that is a thought that will have to wait until tomorrow. But the upside of that is that everyone is generally in good spirits and strangers hug strangers.

But anyone who lives in NYC and knows anything knows to stay the hell away. As for going to a friend's party, well getting there is hard because the streets have restricted access. So I stayed in. I had plenty to do. I cleaned my apartment which desperately needed to be done and tackled my refrigerator-I swear some of my leftovers have grown legs. But I spent my time really productively.

No, I did not make my grandmother a great grandchild, although some drunken stranger would have gladly helped.

I redrafted my musical. For months my dad has been pushing me to write a musical version of my book. But publication is work, and so is the final editing that goes into it. Plus there is all the drama of marketing a book. So the musical was on the back back burner. Not to mention that putting on a musical is difficult. You need to write it. Then you need to find a composer without a drinking problem or any other personal issue, and if they do make sure that it doesnt interfere with their work, a task in NYC. Not to mention actors who can sing, dance, act, and show up on time. Affordable rehearsal space and a theatre to put it in plus set designers and it is complicated. So I held off on that.

But my dad kept pushing me to do it and I decided to give it a try. The musical at first did not come as easily as my book. Let me tell you how many times I just wrote and deleted the first page on my computer. So after weighing everything I abandoned ship, that is until my dad asked me about it a few weeks ago.

Well I started again and this time I just decided to have fun. I would worry about the external details later. And guess what, I finished all three acts plus songs in a matter of a few days. I shot the final draft to my mother who read it with me Heisman weekend and finished when she was at Duke with my sister. While my mom liked the concept she had a few suggestions. Over Christmas we read through it a little. The first and second act were good but the third act needed a lot of work.

New Years Eve came and I had no plans. So I spent all night trimming some fat and reworking some songs from the first and second act, and rewrote the third act almost entirely. I also had more fun with the stage directions and other things that remain to be seen-that is-unless you decide to see my musical. Well the first and second and third act are now in a good place. Realistically more fat probably needs to be trimmed and some of the songs still need work but it is in a workable place rather than the Jackson Pollack splatter of ideas and songs that it was earlier. I wrote a second draft of my musical. While part of me can believe it because I have always been a doer, I am proud of myself for doing. Most of all, I am proud of myself for making my dreams a reality.

After I got done I sent the musical to my mother for review. Then I watched Season 1 of Soul Food and took a bubble bath before going to sleep. This morning I took a walk around Times Square, the mess of last night being taken up by good public servants. The place was a ghost town because the world is asleep.

I know the next phase of my musical project is to of course find a composer, find a cast, and find a set and costume designer. Of course there is the question of whether to go off Broadway or regional and then there is the producer and the agent and all that happy horse shit.

But I have a workable second draft and am meeting with someone to discuss putting my book on tape on itunes. There will also be more videos coming. I also need to find somewhere to watch football. Both Johnny Football and Manti T'eo are playing and possibly Collin Klein.

I live in the city that never sleeps and I barely sleep.

Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. awesome...leftover with legs..stealing..great blog

  2. I like what i was reading
    You are talented and have alot of motive.,keep up the good work

  3. Wow i am got hook on your writing you like to watch football.,i know nothing about sports maybe you can teach me.and i really like you are very good at making movies i love that because i love movies and i love it you are motivated i am too a motivated person i alway look and find new oppertinys

  4. Again, both of you are awesome. Thanks Champ. By the way, you know Evan Williams from North Carolina. He is in NYC right now and is McAwesome!

    And Chris, I will teach you all about football xo