Thursday, January 3, 2013

Losers of the Week

Well the votes are in and these two have taken the cake. As in the assholes are stinking up the place by being themselves. What I mean is these two morons personify losers.

1. John Boehner. Says, his name sounds like Boner, I just wish Beavis and Butthead were here to rip this creep a new one. It's bad enough that he doesn't like women, gays or other people of color. But after a while you get used to that. But this is today's complaint with King John. There was supposed to be a 60 million dollar bill to help Sandy Victims in places like Breezy Point, The Rockaways, Staten Island and parts of Jersey. Well Bone-head was going to vote to pass it, but then he threw a hissy fit about not getting his way with the fiscal cliff and basically has done everything in his power to make sure those who need aid have to wait. Yes, the Sandy vics who have no homes and are living in trailers in this freezing cold begging FEMA for heat and dependent on space heaters have to wait. All because Johnny from Ohio didn't get his way. I would say he needs to go to hell, but that would be too nice a place. Rather, I hope they let him loose in Breezy Point where former fire fighters, many who may have voted on the conservative side in the past mind you, can beat the living breathing shit out of this waste of flesh. You stabbed New York in the back Mr. Boehner, and now I am crucifying you on my blog. I already didn't like you but now I hate you. Happy New Year, Dickhead.
King John eats beef and potatoes while the people of Queens, Staten Island, and New Jersey Starve. 

2. Fantasia Barrino. I shouldn't be surprised that this former American Idol winner, songstress, adultress, all around stupid ass, and breeding lump makes the list. But yes she does. Fantasia is not known for her brains, and while some rave about her vocal chops I want to deck her in the mouth everytime she sings one of her God awful songs because to me she is just awful. Well Ms. Syphilis did a Donna Summer and went on an anti-gay rant on twitter. Basically she said that people were doing all the things that they shouldn't do in the Bible (a book rewritten and re-edited by some very creative storytellers) and they were legalizing weed and gays were getting married. Wait a minute? You just alienated most of the people that voted for you on American Idol you dumb cow. They stood by you when you cried the blues of being a teen slut who popped out a little baby and helped you win on TV. So your career which was basically fading into obscurity is now over. Then she wants to talk about the Bible. Let's take Fantasia's inventory shall we? She had a child out of wedlock-a no no. Then she committed adultry-another no no and that one is actually listed in the Ten Commandments. Finally, she had a child with this man and he still is not technically divorced-another big no to the no to the NO NO! Later she took it down and said it was "taken out of context." Yeah, Rick Santorum tried the same thing. Anyway, luckily her career is starting to take a down turn and she is rapidly fading into obscurity. Now because the suicide attempt didn't take, lets hope she does a Ruben Studdard and just goes away and no one asks questions. She is certainly gaining the weight. But rest assured Fantasia is a cunt, after all, that seems to be the muscle she uses on her body most ;)

She who is without sin shall cast the first stone you ignorant hole

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