Friday, January 18, 2013

Lance Armstrong-My Opinion

I was watching the Lance Armstrong interview last night and wow. First off we all know he was lying through his teeth. Now that we are passed that lets get to the point. Who the hell told him it was a good idea to walk into the Big Black Lion's Den called Oprah Winfrey. Yes, he is facing sanction and action and blah blah blah and now he is getting his ass kicked by a black woman. Overall, life sucks for Lance Armstrong.

But that is just the tip if the iceberg. What happened last night was a witch hunt. Lots of pro-athletes use performance enhancing drugs. It's not because they want to. It's because professional sports are so intense that they have to. These are guys who's body and strength is their ticket. Their competition is the biggest and the fastest. If they don't they get hurt which means that their career is over and they are screwed. For a lot of these guys pro sports is their ticket out of a rough life and a rough childhood, and they aren't just supporting themselves with that big house, but have a slew of loser relatives on the payroll.

As we continue this witch hunt why don't we we go after every athlete there is at the top level? Maybe it isn't fair, but when you get paid millions of dollars you need to produce, end of story. And these people were the top one percent sports wise and are just getting that umph. Let's witch hunt the Super Bowl winning Steelers in the 1970s and 1980s, those guys were all jacked. Why don't we take the Mr. Universe title away from The Governator? Do you think for a second he got that bulked up on his own?

Oh and while we are at it lets go after every athlete from the former Soviet Union and the East Germans, especially their women. I don't care how often a woman lifts and throws the shot put. She does not balk that way on her own. Feminists shoot me now but women have more body fat and it is the help of testerone. But they won the Gold. Why don't we take that away from people plucked from their homes and trained to death so that mom and dad could have a house in their cow village?

And while we are on the war path, why don't we go after the Russians and Chinese who put their gymnasts on special diets and puberty delaying drugs. American gymnasts are fatter and have more womanly bodies because they are not on drugs. While they out performed the competition this games, most of the time they don't have the difficulty because their bodies are more natually mature. So lets take away the metals those poor little girls robbed of their childhood have earned.

As for the blood doping, that is just straight up bull shit. You aren't even using someone else's blood. You are using your own. Should you be penalized for using your own blood? That's like being penalized for using your own body. Oops, you are using your own body.

I even spoke to a pro body builder who informed me, "No one at the pro level competes clean. You can't or you get decimated."

In this world we have problems like child abuse, world hunger, and we still have not found a cure for AIDS. Yes, Lance technically cheated, but everyone else did. And he beat out ninety nine percent of the riders all using performance enhancement that were all pretty good. He's a good cyclist, and he raised a lot of money for cancer research. More than anyone, and has bought awareness to it. While the enhancements he took could be blamed for his cancer, it's more genetics and the luck of the draw. During the AIDs crisis while many died some behaved the same way and did not get sick because their family had survived a plague along the way and are immune to HIV. Point being, genetics is weird, it's not all behavior.

To me, anyone who makes their career as a pro athlete has my respect because of the dedication and determination it takes. It's almost like being a comedian, except I get hit metaphorically not physically. They need to do what they need to do to stay ahead.

Now let's get back to giving gay people the right to marry and fixing the ecomony rather than inditing people like Roger Clemmens, seriously.

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