Monday, January 7, 2013

Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

I will admit I am addicted to Harlequin Trash Romance. Since writing a book, I have been booked out and havent really read anything that I havent written. So the other day I decided to have a little fun and bought a book about the legendary Finn Brothers, Australia’s most handsome billionaires. The uptight Elizabeth Flippence is seduced by Playboy Harry Finn. Although he is a flirt and a playboy there is more to his personality like a good heart. In the end they fall in love.

I know it is fiction but I safely believe every word of it as I snuggle up in my bed and read some before having passionate dreams that match the detail of some of the racier scenes. I take what is referred to as my morning constitution with my coffee and read some. And of course there are my bubble baths when they mention flesh into her fold where the good old Catholic girl in me almost drops the book into the water. Match that with Ben and Jerry’s S’mores iced cream and talk about a guilty pleasure.

As I said it is fiction. I know it never happens that way. I fell in love with a playboy twice. The first time I was young and he totally broke my heart, the second time I broke his heart because he caught feelings when I told him the truth. He was nothing but a rebound.

If I were to be a plot figure in a romance novel what would it be? Here are some ideas. Let me know what you think.

                                Love is No Laughing Matter

1.       Dimsdale is a legendary comedian with an illegitimate love child trying to follow into his footsteps. An aged womanizer with a penchant for pretty women, misfit ventriloquist, fledgling comedian, and would be novelist April Brucker crosses his path on a chance encounter on the street. However, what Dimsdale doesn’t know is that April’s gold digging roommate May Wilson is plotting to have him as her own. Will April find true love after lots of heartbreaks, or will the conniving roommate steal Dimsdale away?


Note: Some of this is true. I ended it with Dimsdale being seduced by May Wilson. I lost.


                Blow Torch to the Heart


2.       April Brucker is an overworked writer who just finished her first book that has never had any luck in love. During one day while having her coffee and bagel at the corner store, she meets a mysterious stranger by the name of Joe. He is an iron worker by day and she knows nothing else, except he wants to know more about her. Will April’s baggage from the past make her run away from love, or will the hard hatted stranger sweep her off her feet?


Note: This is mostly fictional. Iron worker Joe and I did meet and exchange numbers, but after a week he made it clear that he was not that into me.



                Love Song For a Street Pharmacist


3.       April Brucker is a singing telegram delivery woman who is looking for love. One day during a delivery, she is nearly accosted by a drug don and almost sold into white slavery. However, a brave man who works in the neighborhood rescues her before disappearing. When she goes to thank him she finds lout his name is Baron Marks and he is a drug dealer. But April is drawn to this bad boy. Will she change him or will he drag her down?


Note: I did almost become a white slave on one of my adventures but the rest of this is purely fictional. The man is a drug dealer. I would never date someone with a job.


                                Cuffs, Links, and Soul Mates


4.       April Brucker is a lonely New York artist trying to make it battling insomnia. One day, while trying to battle yet another sleepless night, she comes across a few articles on the internet about an old case. As a young man Jack Karp was tried and convicted of murder. April is drawn to him and his plea of innocence. The two begin a pen pal correspondence and April is charmed by the convict. Is he really the misunderstood man hurt by the code, or is he just a crook trying to take advantage of a lonely woman?


Note: No comment, but you have to admit I am getting good at this. Maybe I should change it to arsonist. Come on baby light my fire.
Sigh, these are my plots. Either way, Reno's Band is making a cameo. Sigh
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  1. Joe seems the nicest (no police record at least!)
    sop hooking up with him may be your best bet for a novel romance shortie!

  2. Sure, an excerpt will be coming next week xoxo