Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dealing With People Who Suck

This is an open note from April and May. We are dealing with some people who hurt our feelings,typically an alcoholic sociopath who has been stalking us and spreading lies and hatred. He is stupid and makes us feel insignificant. I know being a bully makes him feel better about himself but what kind of man picks on two little girls trying their best to make it? We are so poor we have to pay for our Prada with laundry quarters. April's current squeeze is unemployed and May has yet to find a sugar daddy. This man claims to be much more accomplished than us, but he is stalking us. Plain and simple, he wants us both sexually. While this man claims to be gay, we believe he is only gay for pay and really wants to bone us. We both find this disturbing and not only hope this individual accepts his sexuality, whatever it may be regardless of money, and get the love and help he truly needs.

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  1. "I have not published this man's name because unfortunately he has issues with alcoholism and I hope he gets treatment soon."

    April, honestly: This has no foundation in reality. I've known Brad for years. He may be many things, but alcoholic isn't one of them.