Monday, September 13, 2010

Dumb Friend of the Week

This past week the stupid friend who did not know her baby's father has been dethroned. Instead she has been replaced by a man I will call Brian. Brian is currently down on his luck. He has been kicked out of the house he and his eighteen year old girlfriend share (he's thirty three) and is living in a shelter. Okay, his eighteen year old girl pal who used to send him naked pics is suing him on charges of stalking and harassment. Well being a man Brian still has his needs. So when they were together Brian made these sex tapes of the two of them and he was holding the camera. As I said Brian has his needs. So when he gets lonely and Jill no longer does the job he pops in one of the sex tapes of him and this girl.

I said to him, "Brian, this is emotionally damaging. You are watching the sex tape you made with a woman who is taking you to court."

"Yes but it was a good sex tape."

"Yes but you can watch a better sex tape with Jenna Jameson."

So Brian counters, "But Jenna doesnt say, 'Oh Brian."

That's when I tell him to just put it up on red tube because he is flat broke. Brian says, "I am not sure whether she was seventeen or eighteen when the tape was made."

Speechless I tell him to destroy it because it could be used in court against him to trump up additional charges. To which he says, "Nah, the tape is too hot."

Sigh, Brian, you are officially the dumb friend of the week. Or weak

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