Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top 10 Questions of the Week

10. If OJ Simpson ever got the electric chair, would he be "juiced?"
9. Kei$ha is the Food Club version of Lady Gaga. If Gaga has the meat dress, why can't this annoying slut who can't carry a tune just go to the meat grinder?
8. Since 9/11 is a date that will live in infamy, out of respect should we stop calling 9-11 in case of emergency?
7. Tiger Woods is living in Manhattan and his divorce is final. Does that make him out of the cage and on the prowl?
6. Darius McCollum, a bus thief who drives buses and returns them, is facing jail time. To the money hungry MTA: Screw pressing charges. Not only does he love to drive the bus but he will work for free. Give that man a job.
5. Okay, cage match. Sarah Palin v. Hillary Clinton. One has the daughter who's a slut, the other has the daughter who is ugly. Who will emerge the victor?
4. To Sarah Palin, why are we questioning Obama's citizenship now? You should have done that back in 2008.
3. A Rod and Cameron Diaz are dating each other. Does this mean that two has-beens can still find love?
2. Why doesn't K Rod use his arm to help the Mets win instead of beating up his father in law?
1. Most of the homeless people in NYC are homeless not because they are down on their luck but because a drug habit put them there. Word to those who think the money they give them buys them a cup of coffee, you are a fool, they are buying booze and crack. So question is why shouldnt we have them pay rent? Not only will they stop being freaking vagrants, but it will magically make their drug problem disappear.

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