Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot, Burn In Hell

Joran Van Der Sloot admitting to extorting money from Natalee Holloway's family because they caused him pain over the years. This is a perfect example of how there are ABOLSUTELY NO RIGHTS FOR VICTIMS WHATSOEVER!!!! Good old Joran not only killed Natalee but damn well knows where her body is. The problem is that in the West Indies where the crime took place, their system of justice is ass backwards. Plus Joran's dad was a judge on the Island so of course he was going to get off scott free. Joran admitted in a television interview not only to meeting Natalee and having sex with her but expressed the intent of selling her as a slave to someone else he met in the casino. The more he spoke I just wanted to say, "Shut up asshole, you are not helping your cause whatsoever."

Then in between this murder and that of Stefany Flores Joran was trafficking women in Thailand. This guy is a predator, a creep, and gets a sexual off on ultimately abusing women. He has no good qualities whatsoever and is pire evil. As for Natalee Holloway's family causing him pain......what the fuck! He killed their daughter! Asshole, you want to talk about pain, young Natalee is never coming back. My bet is Interpol will find that he has killed other women too. Hey, wherever there is smoke there is fire, right?

I am somewhat happy Joran is in prison in a third world country. They say rats come out of the toilet at night and that scares him. He deserves more hell than that. At this point I want Paco to make Joran his bitch. Or better yet, will someone please shank this asshole?

Killer and extortionist......needs to be shanked immediately. I believe in kharma and this guy will give Bubba crap about putting out. The world will definately be a better place without him.

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