Monday, September 13, 2010

Loser of the Week

This past week I got a call from a guy I used to know. He informed me he was in Cali getting dental work done and was doing quite well in his drug program. The gentlemen, who I will call Brent, informed me he had some things he needed to get off his chest as a result of his twelve step program and he was afraid to tell his sponsor. I figured what could be so bad?

A little background on Brent. A few years ago he was on the fringe of a group of friends I had. Not well liked, he was more or less barely tolerated. The guys in the group would tell me I was welcome to come to such and such a place and was welcome at several of their homes anytime. However, I was not welcome as long as I was going to bring Brent. At the time I just thought it was because gay men can be somewhat bitchy sometimes and they were just being judgmental. So I was always friendly to Brent.

Brent started off by telling me at one time he had stolen his roommate’s drugs. I figured okay, while that is bad what could be so bad about this. Well I was wrong. Brent goes on to tell me he was a school teacher in the California School System and while he had been teaching he had molested several of his students. He told me he had molested some of the boys and even grabbed “the titties of some of the girls.” At this point I am ready to vomit. Molesting children is a rotten crime and I believe anyone who is guilty should be stoned in public, end of discussion.

“What grade did you teach?” Was the only question I could eek off of my horrified tongue.

“Oh special ed. They were retards so it’s not like any of them really knew what was going on.” Okay, this was gone from rotten to beyond rotten. There is a special layer of hell for someone who molests special needs children. Not to mention he didn’t even feel guilty about his infraction. Instead he just sort of laughed it off. To call him a worthless human being would not be a stretch.

As you could imagine I was sickened afterwards, having twenty something little cousins myself. I would have called the authorities but I didn’t know his real name because he had changed it. Rest assured when I find out I will make sure this creepozoid is coming to a sex offender registry in a neighborhood near you.

When I told one of my friends who disliked him this friend replied, “April, we knew there was something creepy about him. That’s why we never wanted him around.” Of course, especially any event involving a playground.

So this week’s loser of the week is Brent aka Chester the Molester. Though it was hard to do, my cancer ex has been dethroned.

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