Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crush of the Week

This week's crush of the week is Mike Posner. While I have been hooked on Cano, the risk of him being deported was too high and I didnt know whether or not he had a greencard. Sure, Tebow was cool and would try to get me into heaven, but I should be the center of my man's universe. All I would hear about was Jesus if Tebow were to be my husband, and we would be spending much too much time in church and he wouldnt spend any time tackling me instead :(

So I settled on Mike Posner. He graduated from Duke and comes from money in Southfield, Michigan. While Michigan is a turn off because I believe the state should succeed from the union and most everyone with the exception of my dear friend Nate Mitchell (whom I love dearly) is defective from that state of the union. Maybe Mike will be exception number two. In addition Mike's Dad is Jewish which makes him fiscally sound without having to have our children spin that little top they spin, wear the little Heb cap, and skip Christmas. While it doesn't matter to me it matters to my mother so I am telling her in advance so she doesn't do a Sylvia Plath in the oven. Anyway, he also has a hit single. Which means he is making plenty of money and therefore I can do a Courtney Love riding on his coattails as I chase my B plus career.

My first pretend boyfriend who has a job that pays, that's legal, and that he's really good at. I am stepping up in the world.

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