Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dream Man of the Week: Robinson Cano

Being a Yankee fan and lover of Spanish men, my dream man of the week is Robinson Cano. A less cocky version of A. Rod, he is a good player on the field and rather humble in interviews. While like most Spanish men he will probably charm my pants off in a second, I do not care. The whole thing will make for a good story. In addition I hear through the grapevine like all of his Latino hermanos, he likes trashy blonde women which gives me an in. As someone who has a checkered past, that probably is a bonus in a situation such as this. I don't know if he is a Joe DeMaggio-esque bully off the field who will abuse his girlfriend or spouse. I don't care about that at all. I am willing to put up with a black eye or two. Not only does this slugger have to keep me in line somehow, but unlike most of my boyfriends........he has a job.

And if I ever decide he's annoying me, I can always call INS and have him deported.

(Up top)Mi amour hard at work on the field. We are getting married next June. I even have the registry. He doesn't know it yet.  (Bottom) Robbie looks better than I ever could in a cheerleading costume. Oh the things he does to earn his pay so me and my puppet can pursue our frivilous careers:)

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