Thursday, September 16, 2010

Winner of the Week

Craig Breslow is the smartest man in major league baseball. With competition like the womanizing A Rod and the father in law beating K Rod is there really much competition? Not to mention Roger Clemmons who is changing his story like a zebra changes his stripes and then there is good old Barry Bonds, who's nickname should be A Hole. What about Mark McGuire, who went neck and neck with Sammy Sosa will juiced up? Or what about Sammy Sosa, who achieved his record with a cork bat. Translated, to all the kids in the barrio he cheated to beat McGuire who was already cheating. Then there was the business of Senor Sosa doing the Michael Jackson skin lightning. Where has the spirit of baseball gone? Roberto Clemente, who endured racism and prejudice as a result of being both black and Latino, gave shamelessly to his homeland in order to help the children and died on a plane trip doing charity work. As someone who always spoke out against prejudice and tried his best to live a good life despite being in the baseball spotlight, he would be rolling around in his grave.

However maybe there is hope. Craig Breslow, unlike his Spanglish speaking, tobacco chewing counterparts went to Yale. Playing baseball there, he was accepted into NYU medical school before being drafted into the minor leagues. Okay, he is smart and he can play. Does he do anything else? The answer is yes. When he was a kid his sister Lesley was diagnosed with cancer when she was thirteen. The whole family literally slept in the hospital. By the grace of God, Allah, or Bob the Pink Bunny she recovered and has been in remission for two decades. Today, she is married and expecting her first child. However, the experience of having cancer touch his life stayed with our Mr. Breslow. So as a result he started the Strike 3 Cancer Foundation.

In between games and practice, Craig Breslow operates the foundation and raised over one hundred thousand dollars for children in need of bone barrow transplants for Yale's Children's Cancer Center last year. Meeting with his business manager he seems to merge both pro baseball and professional fundraising seemlessly. As Craig Breslow explained, "You just can't turn your back on a sick kid."

So it goes to show you, have lofty goals but stay in school. You never know when you can use both. Also, while the brain is important follow your heart.

Lastly, he is good looking and good hearted, rate combo. Me wonders, is he single?

"I strike out the other team and cancer at the same time, not to mention I went to Yale and almost went to medical school. I am a good catch. However, it isn't really me talking but April typing this caption."

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