Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Still Love You Reggie

Reggie Bush, who has been under investigation from the Heisman Trust, voluntarily gave up his trophy and forfeited his title as the 2005 Heisman winner. He gave the following statement:
“It is for these reasons that I have made the difficult decision to forfeit my title as Heisman winner of 2005, The persistent media speculation regarding allegations dating back to my years at USC has been both painful and distracting. In no way should the storm around these allegations reflect in any way on the dignity of this award, nor on any other institutions or individuals. Nor should it distract from outstanding performances and hard-earned achievements either in the past, present or future.

“For the rest of my days, I will continue to strive to demonstrate through my actions and words that I was deserving of the confidence placed in me by the Heisman Trophy Trust. I would like to begin in this effort by turning a negative situation into a positive one by working with the Trustees to establish an educational program which will assist student-athletes and their families avoid some of the mistakes that I made. I am determined to view this event as an opportunity to help others and to advance the values and mission of the Heisman Trophy Trust.”

My response: Reggie did the honorable thing. Maybe he did something he wasn't supposed to do as a USC Student but he gave the trophy back and didnt go out in scandal. As one of the people who saw him give his Heisman acceptance speech it saddens me yet moves me that he voluntarily did the honorable thing by giving his beloved trophy up when he didn't have to. Although he may have participated in activities that he shouldn't have been, he showed he was a true hero with a back bone. Troy Smith who gambled on games wasn't even called into question and then there is OJ Simpson who stalked, brutalized and killed not one but two people. They get to keep their trophies. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Reggie, there are some of us out there that know the truth. We all still love you and wish you continued success in your already promising professional career.
We still love you Reggie and you are still a hero. Now go play some good football and no more banging skanks.

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