Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Do Guys Lie and Cheat

My roommate and I were talking about why guys lie. Though being a gay man, he is still a dude which is why it was interesting to have this conversation with him. He said guys lie because they are insecure and are afraid of rejection. I disagree. I think guys lie because it’s biology. They want to get their dick sucked and stick it in a wet smelly hole of some sort and have to use any line to make that possible. So if it is a lie that does it then so be it. So essentially they are fucking evil by nature.

They cheat too. They leave out info that they are married and then it comes as a surprise when the bombshell is dropped. I think the problem with people, and this is why maybe men are forced to lie, is people are the only creatures who practice monogamy. That whole concept is a waste of time. Men are always cheating and it’s not because they don’t love the woman at home, they just want every woman they see. Why do humans have to be the only creatures with feelings? Screws everything up.

Then again I should talk. I am the only human woman in the world who despises relationships and wants to play the field. One guy told me he wanted to be my boyfriend and I asked, “Does that mean I can’t see other people?” It sort of bummed me out actually. I want to see lots of people. It’s not that I don’t like him. I like all of them. Now if only all of them had a job. That would be the trick. Plus when he acted all pissed that I wanted to see other people I told him he was going to cheat anyway which ticked him off. Turns out he didn’t want to be my boyfriend and proceeded to get a girlfriend elsewhere. Well he cheated on this girl eventually. So who was right?

Why do guys lie and cheat? Is it nature, insecurity, or the fact that are all a race of rat bastard dead beats who just want a hole to stick it in? Weigh in here. Xo April


  1. I agree with your analysis 100%. It's a force outside of our free will. Society telling us that we need to pair up and stay that way makes no sense... but the lying comes in because it's always assumed by men (or by me at least) that women want that norm and can't "handle" the truth. Well done April.

  2. Thanks man. I do agree. I think feelings screw everything up. It's not that the guy wants to be bad. It's just that society as a whole has a set of rules that it says we need to follow. I say free love. Lets just all use condoms.

  3. I think society has its norms, but I also think people cheat because they refuse to acknowledge their own sexuality. We're all trying soooo hard to be heteronormative and very few of us actually fit into that narrow paradigm. I mean, I'm a submissive, so that means I like what I like. But it took me 30 years to figure that out and find a man who is a total freak but doesn't abuse me (I've been in many abusive relationships, sadly). I wish more people could stand tall and proud and say, I like to smell dirty underwear or fuck feet or whatever freaky thing it is that turns you on. Then we'd stop hopping from bed to bed and feeling both insecure AND unfulfilled.

  4. I agree with you too Astrid. Kinsey did experiments on these sort of things. There are few folks who are truly gay or straight. Many walk the middle of the road on the bell curve whether they play for both teams, have a fetish, whatever. I think it is the stigma and fear of it all that scares people away.