Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 Ways The World Would Be A Better Place

10. If we could clothes line some of the people who ride bikes. It reminds them that not only aren't they cars but pedestrians are not moving targets.
9. The people from the Westboro Baptist Church should be banned from being on TV and spreading their hate. They are terrorists, plain and simple.
8. Let the gays marry. They have spent years working as your florist and planning your wedding, now let them have their day in the sun.
7. Women need to stop fighting amongst themselves. It's not the glass ceiling that holds us down but our own catty selves.
6. That women who are over forty stop wearing skimpy clothing exposing their C-section scar and saggy skin.
5. While we are on the topic of women, stop all public breast feeding. No one wants to go to second base with you. And if the kid is eighteen months old it should be on a bottle, not on your boob.
4. If guys wouldnt grab themselves in public. While I dont have one and dont know the pain of adjusting, we all don't want to see you do a Michael Jackson.
3. If K Rod would use his hand for helping the Mets win rather than hitting his father in law.
2. Why not take the rapists and child molesters out into the street and have a public stoning. Science has shown that they cannot be rehabilitated and the world should be a safe place for any and all people to wander around naked in the privacy of their backyard as they run through the sprinkler.
1. Screw the Mosque at Ground Zero. No one will ever be happy about it. Build a Costco. That way it is something that everyone of all faiths can use.

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