Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Adventures of Spooky Sase II

Yesterday my super and I met again. Yes the famous Sase. West Indian and ultimately a crazy cat, Sase has apparently been reading my blog. He's cool. But now he likes the handle Spooky Sase. And now in order to keep up with his work the first week Sase is stepping up his game. So yesterday, in order to keep himself front and center on my blog Sase and I had the following convo:

Sase: I am Spooky Sase.

Me:Yes. Do you like that?

Sase: Yes. Expect me to be spooky.

Me: Well if you want to keep making the blog you have to step up your game boy.

Sase: Okay.

Me: Lets start again. Lets walk down the block like you are minding your business and just be spooky.

Sase: Okay.

Sase and I back up a few feet and begin walking. Then Sase sees me

Sase: Who is that weird girl that weird freaking girl!

Me: Sase, that isn't spooky, that's psychotic. That is not what we are going for.

We both laugh

Me: Lets try this again. This time just be yourself. Do what you always do when you see me.

We back up a few feet and begin walking towards each other.

Sase: There you are my sweet. You are so beautiful. Right now I have a stomach ache. I need you to take care of me by giving me some of your spooky juice baby.

Me: Perfect! That's a wrap.

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