Monday, April 22, 2013

To All The Rappers

I am always amazed by rap music. I like some of it. My taste in rap is more or less old school. I like rap with a purpose. However I am not such a fan of the use of the words bitch and ho in rap music and how it sometimes does promote violence against women as well as homophobia. It used to get under my skin a tad as someone who is a dating violence activist, and in some ways does normalize sexual violence against women. On the other hand, it is just a part of street culture and it is just talk. Words are just words. Translated, I have calmed the hell down and have learned to get off my soapbox from time to time. Oh and I made friends with rappers and people who produce rap music. Not all rappers want to smack a bitch up and not all rap producers encourage them to do so. Actually, I have never seen a group of musicians work so hard. They have my respect, as long as they are not hitting women.
But there is one thing about rap music that puzzles me. Yes, rap culture like street culture is very homophobic. However this is sort of a paradox because rappers wear the low rider jean where you can see their boxers. They claim to be all street and brag about jail from time to time in their songs while dropping the “n” word. But here is the Alice and Wonderland type puzzle. If they knew anything about street culture and jail thug culture they would know what it meant to expose your underwear. Yes, exposing your underwear, especially in jail, lets another male inmate know you are available for sex. It also means the same thing in gay street culture, but the jail house has more of a rep for it. I just find it funny that a group so “no homo” is engaged in a fashion trend that is so homo. Maybe they know. That is why they have to rap about their bitches and hos because some of them are secretly doing their bro. I dunno…What a rhyme. But yeah, that’s what the sagging pants exposing the boxers means. It is young boys letting the older trolls know they are ready for action at the nearest shower.
Also, another rapper trend I don’t understand is why they aren’t tying their shoes these days. Arent they afraid they might trip and die? I mean, Biggie and Pac got shot. That is a thug way to go. The shoe laces, not so much. That is a punk way to go. Something like that is worse than not having a ho or bitch who is down to talk to the cops when you get the extensive criminal record that comes with being a rap star and smoking them blunts. Just saying.
On the upside, over the years I have seen how hard rappers work and I don’t know if I could ever do the same. They have my heart because they love their music and I never have seen people grind it so hard in the studio and producers push and work so hard for their people. That being said, if they knew what the sagging pants meant, they would all perhaps invest in a belt. And also, I want them to tie their shoes. Lets not have a posthumous release with such a stupid cause of death.
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