Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Someone Like You (Adele)

Yesterday during my surfing on facebook I found out one of two men I ever really loved has a new girlfriend. Part of me was happy he moved on and seemed to be getting sober. The other part of me was hurt as hell. Actually it was as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest and thrown on the floor.

When I ended it, letting him go, I knew in my head I was doing the right thing. This particular person had drug issues, alcohol issues, and refused to go to meetings and get sober. He also refused to take his much needed psych meds. Then there were the legal issues like the felony charge he still faced. Not to mention the back child support he owed was astronomical. Everyone told me I was doing the right thing. He was a "Loser." These people didnt know him like I do.

In my heart I always wondered if I did the right thing through. This person served as a confidante to me when I was dating someone famous and the famous dude's baby mama just harassed around the clock. Not to mention he was there as emotional support when the psychotic former fiance who suffers from borderline personality disorder tried to make a comeback when my life was going good. And the night my house was robbed, he never left my side. Oh and he was so proud of me for everything I was doing about my career, and would tell anyone who would listen. He made me laugh and he had a good spirit. Yes I made the right decision, but did I?

A drug habit is not like snoring or burping. It's much bigger than that. A felony charge plus a bench warrant is not like a love for bad movies, it is much bigger than that. Back child support and the term dead beat dad arent someone going through a bad phase. They are someone who will leave you high and dry in my experience. But there is a part of my heart that can't and never will stop loving him.

I saw a picture of the new girlfriend and she looked like a fat whore. I will not lie. If trash could be tattooed on her forehead it would be an apt adjective. There is a large part of me that hates her guts because she has the one who stole my heart. But on the other hand I don't know her. She's a single mom. She's in school. She's trying her best. Hating her is just the easy way out. But he's happy and so is she. Maybe they are a better match although I don't want them to be.

In my hubris I thought I was going to be the one who was different and maybe I was. He told me that once. I remember when he was on the run he called me and even told me so. Of course he was working as an escort and was with his assortment of hos. But I was the one he wanted to talk to. I remember the last time we chatted. He called me high as a kite, probably on meth, with some crazy story. Then he texted me and said he was six months sober. But six months is too early to talk love. You are lucky if you can walk and chew gum. Sure, I wanted to live happily ever after. But all the times I got what I wanted, well, they werent so good. I got what I wanted one too many times and now know the Serenity Prayer by heart.

I know I need to keep moving. I have two family members-both lovely women- who got mixed up with men like this. Both of them are paying dearly. One is on a bad path with alcohol, is on her last chance with her professional license, and is in debt to the IRS for the rest of her life because of the damage done by falling in love with the guy she did. The other has kids with hers and her life is miserable, and she is sticking around cause she has no where else to go. Maybe it is better I got out when I did before there were children or any other collateral damage.

On the other hand, I am sort of thankful for it. Yes, in the end he was running from the law. But for so long after my fiance I had been an abusive ice box to the men I dated. I didnt trust and hell, I was less than faithful. There was no love in my heart for any of them even if they treated me kindly. But this was the one that changed all that. For the first time I wasn't an ice box who would cheat on whatever guy I was with and accuse him of every terrible thing in the book. I didnt feel so damaged, and he didnt treat me like a broken toy. I didnt think I could ever fall in love again after the fiance but I was wrong. I didnt want to be wrong, but I was. Sure, I hide my feelings from the rest of the world under a blanket of bravado but could never hide them from this dude, even if he was what they refer to as a barely functional deadbeat.

These days I am hit or miss with men. Some of them hit, but then they miss. And I know in my heart it is because I am comparing every guy I meet to him. Yes, they have a job and dont have any children. But they dont make me laugh or treat me as kind. Yes they arent on the run from the law. But they dont tell their friends how proud they are of me. Yes they dont have a drug or alcohol problem or mental health issue. But when the chips are down, they can't handle me. This dude could handle me. He could handle me at my Lindsay Lohan moments therefore he deserved me when I was in my Beyonce moments. Rub it in that he doesnt have his shit together why don't you?

There is a part of me that relishes in the mean, anti-male, angry, feminist, poetry writing alter ego I create. All of my puppet children are mostly women who dig for gold or killed a husband or lover. It is easier. That whole existence is easier than dealing with my feelings. I will probably bury myself in some iced cream, Lifetime Movies, and work. I will tell myself how I dont need love but then I will lurk on his page like a stupid school girl. I will tell myself if I showed up on his door step he would leave the tramp he is with in a minute. Oops April, EGO- Easing God Out. I have a feeling that my lover boy has gotten to know that slogan too as well as all my favorite least favorites that keep me grounded on his ever blessed fucked up planet called Earth and the state we call reality.

I know better than to go running after him. These days I am planning a book talk at an Ivy League School where I am now a part of their collection. My audio book is almost finished. I am starting work on my musical. Not to mention I might be touring again and really need to write new jokes if I am. This is where my focus needs to be, not my perpetual broken heart over a guy many start swearing at when they hear the full story. Some of this is because my grandmother died and I grieve in a freaky way. The other is things are going so well I just want to destroy them because I am afraid of the good time ending. Some of it is because I am afraid I will never feel this way about anyone again. You can't pick who you love, end of story.

The part of me that cares for him is glad he is getting sober. I am glad he is going to meetings and getting his legal stuff straightened out, slowly but surely. I am also glad he is back on his meds in some fashion. But most importantly, I am glad he is happy. While the selfish part wishes it were with me, the part of me that cares for him is glad he is happy.

Love, you suck. You suck freezer burnt dick.

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