Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mirame (Regina)

After a rough week with my mom's health I had a few good career leads. More on those later. But it means more showing up, more pitching, and more mailings. It has all been good though. I mean granted my mom falling and needing surgery has been a major bummer to say the least. But the career stuff has been good. 

Yesterday was the first day in some time that I haven't had a job, filmed something, or have been in a recording studio. I ended up just dolling up and taking a walk in Times Square. I was recognized by a flier girl as the puppet girl from My Strange Addiction. Apparently a mutual friend said that he knew me when he was bragging. 

Then after that I went to the costume store to get two new boas-luxury problem I know. When I was there I saw my old boss from the Williamsburg Flea who saw me on TV as well! I did some puppet stuff for them. It was cool. Translated, peoples be seeing me and my puppet babies. 

When I got home I went to an old blog entry and someone else replied who had seen me on a different TV show. It was very cool. I want to be on TV soon again with my puppets. It's fun to be on TV. I just filmed a pilot. Cross those phalanges. 

After that I got news that I will be doing a book signing at Brown University Saturday Grad Weekend. Joining me will be my baby sister with her book. It will actually be exciting to have the two of us together. We rarely get to do things like that together anymore. It will be a really cool sister act. 

The other day I was thinking a lot about my past, my journey, and all the things that have happened to get me where I am today. Things are starting to come together and make sense as they do. Is it everything I wanted? No, it is better than what I wanted. If I got what I wanted I would have short changed myself. Also, for as crazy and nuts and terrible as some things in the journey have been, I wouldn't trade them. They make me who I am right now. 

Today I am doing a woman's self defense seminar with an MMA coach. I am so nervous and excited. I might totally suck but it's something to make me feel good, plus I have been doing some mixed martial arts these last two years and want to do more. While I didnt enjoy karate as much as a kid because my parents were making me go, I am an adult now and I want to go.

I feel excited with a new sense of purpose. Things are happening as the flowers are blooming. This is my month. It is nice outside which means time for horny homeless men who want to propose marriage and time to crazy Spanish pop at my bodega. 

Mirame Bitches!


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